Chiii Design Studio

Specialised in integrating commercial elements with arts and culture, Chiii Design provides consultancy services on branding and design with a particular focus in fields of brand image, packaging and advertising design. Headquartered in Macau, the company is managed by Mann Lao, who is a seasoned expert in commercial brand design, and Nono Leong, who has years of experiences in cultural and art design. With an international vision and a unique style, Chiii Design is favoured among different regions and markets. It is one of the few design teams that has presence in the markets of Hong Kong, Mainland China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and South East Asia at the same time.


The masterpieces of Chiii Design have won more than 200 awards in exhibitions of over 10 countries and regions, including the International Poster Biennial in Mexico; the Biennial of Poster Bolivia (BICeBe); the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont of France; Golden Bee—Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design; the International Lahti Poster Triennial; the One Show in the United States; the China International Poster Biennial; the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial; Hong Kong Designers Association’s Global Design Competition; GDC—Graphic Design in China; and the Macau Design Biennial.